Why 3:30am?

“I get up at 3:30am.”

It is one of those statements that just sits there when you say it. People laugh and then follow it with “Are you serious?” I laugh and tell “Oh yes, I am.”

It is really quite simple. I leave the house very early to work out and I love the quietness of that time of day. There are two things that happen during that time. I have my devotion time with God. Reading the Bible, praying or worship fills part of this time. It isn’t hard to believe how great my time with God is when there are no phones, tv, music, people moving about and computers going off.

Secondly, I read and prepare my day. I get to be involved in some amazing situations at work and in people’s lives. For me to bring my best, I have to prepare on all levels – attitude, knowledge, physically and even in time management. I was sharing this concept with Sunshine. I told him that each us needs to find the way to bring our gifts to the table each day. If we can do that, we will be successful.

The time isn’t for everyone – I have been doing this since I was in high school. However, find the time to be with God and prepare to bring the “best you” to your day. It is worth the effort.

*Side note: Everything has a cost. I can take a 5 minute nap at almost any time of day and anything after 9pm is a challenge. The Lord has blessed me with an understanding wife, family and church. (And TiVo.)

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