A Day in the Life of a Pastor – It Shows You are Human


With a sly grin, my older friend put his hand on my shoulder and said, “It shows you are human.” We both laughed.

It was only forty-five minutes before that I really embarrassed myself on stage at church. I was doing the transition from the last worship song to the announcement video. I was talking about the greatness of God captured in the name “I Am.” I continued by sharing the contrast of God’s “bigness” and yet, he desires the intimacy of a relationship with you and I. It was actually a good little thirty-second teaching. As I went to invite the people to sit down I said, “He is a big God. Amen. At this time, I want everyone to…” I was just about ready to tell them to stand up to leave, like I had done all summer long. Not sure how I got that thought but I abruptly stopped in mid sentence and blurted out, “I almost just dismissed the service.” The place erupted with laughter and they graciously sat down as the lights dimmed.

You know you do something “noteworthy” when each person on the worship team (including my son and daughter in law) come up laughing and saying, “Nice job Pastor Chris (Dad).” In the darkness of the stage while the video was playing I could feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment. Then, I started laughing and I realized that I would have a great story to tell.

Are pastors human? You bet we are. We make mistakes all the time. It is nice to have a laugh and a good story when we blow it. Many of the stories you hear are so much more severe and have tough consequences. It makes trying to dismiss a service before your boss gets up to preach seem pretty minor. So enjoy a chuckle on me…I am only human!

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