A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Celebrate Someone Else’s Win





I was watching GFC’s Children’s ministry, The Zone, the other day.  They had a live band, a Minute to Win It contest, a crazy cooking segment and Zone TV (a filmed “variety show” piece that is usually funny and reinforces the message.)  As the team moved from all this energetic creativity that points to the week message, they got into the Bible.  It is no wonder that I hear from parents how their kids know the Bible stories and applications when they come out of the Zone. Those principles are reinforced from the moment they walk in the door.

As I was left, I thought, “GFC has come a long way from when I did Children’s ministry.”  Then, I thought, “What a huge win for GFC to grow into an even more effective way of reaching kids and families.”  Pastor Mike Moore and all of his team are doing amazing work.  They have taken it to a level that I haven’t seen in most of America.

Here is a crazy side note:  I am not sure if I could celebrate that win ten years ago. I would have struggled celebrating someone else’s win.  I would have thought about all the things I did and justified it to be “just as good and important.”  Honestly, it’s not.  It is way better.  But, why would I struggle.  Because I want others to think I was good at what I do…I needed their affirmation to make myself feel better about me and my ministry.  As long as I have that need (we all have it – but there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy), I will let the approval of others drive my “success.”  When we can truly take the “self” out of the equation, we are free to do our best without the compulsion of seeking others approval.  And, we can genuinely celebrate the other person’s win.  Now, that is a “win – win.”

Is this an area you have struggled with in your life?  Ten years ago, I dealt with the insecurity of needing others approval.  The freedom from that has transformed my view of myself and those I do life with.  So honestly ask yourself, “Can I genuinely celebrate someone else’s win?”

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