A Day in the Life of a Pastor – What if…?



Last night, GFC had its First Step Class.  I am the self – designated greeter.  That means I stand on the brick pavers, greeting and directing people to where they are going for the evening.  If you only attend on a weekend, you are truly missing it.  So much of GFC happens from Monday through Saturday morning.  We have classes, small groups, trainings, and some really cool hang out environments.

Back to last night.  In my 40 minutes out there directing people, here are a couple of  “conversations from the pavers:”

  • One person was there to start singing with the choir – didn’t know anybody or where to go. (So cool!)
  • People going to “First Thing,” “Starter something,” “P. Craig’s class,” and my favorite “they talked about this thing on Sunday and we are supposed to go to it” class.  I directed them to the coffee and the First Steps classroom.
  • People going to a Freedom class – so proud of them!
  • Men reminding me that we had Courageous in the Sanctuary last week and now they were in the gym.  I told them that it wont be by the retention pond next week…stick with the gym.
  • Musician looking for music practice with guitar in hand…asked him if he was any good.  He smiled and said, “Yes, I am.”  I loved that!
  • Talked about a new small group geared toward first responders and military veterans of all ages.  Humbled by the men and women who serve our country each day.
  • Talked with two guys about our Foundations class – knowing the basics of how to grow as a Christian.  Great leaders, great hearts…truly making an impact.
  • Laughed a lot.  People need a good laugh.  So did I.
  • Saw Sunshine walking across the courtyard with a music stand in hand and another band member in tow.  Proud of him – he is answering God’s calling.
  • Watched our Childcare team welcoming kids with a smile.  They do such a great job of loving on kids while their parents are in First Step.
  • Saw a pair of the most gnarled fingers I have ever seen from playing ten years of professional football. You pay a price for your profession no matter what it is. (Actually this was during the class break but wow, it was memorable.)
  • Finally, I saw a mentor, a “brother” and a whole lot of friends in a short span.  A true “people” moment.

So here’s my “What if” question.

What if one of those people decided to stay home and not show up at GFC on a rainy Tuesday night, after a full day, with all of life’s challenges and roadblocks…what if they didn’t show up?

Sometimes, 40 minutes can reaffirm…this is why you are here.

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