A Day in the Life of a Pastor – You wanna See a Card Trick?

I have a friend named Fidel.

Between services Sunday, I was walking through the Van Dyke Campus looking for someone and I was directed to the Youth Center. Children were already gathered in there playing dodge ball and video games as they waited for the service to start. In the Moustache Cash booth, where kids can go to turn in their Zone bucks for prizes, stood Fidel. When the kids would redeem their paper gold, he would offer to show them a sleight of hand trick. Having known him for years, he always “got” me…sometimes, more than once.

“Hey, Chris! Do you want to see my new trick?” Having found the person I was looking for, we both turned and I said, “You bet.” Fifteen seconds later, I was stumped…again. He did another trick…we were both stumped. We laughed and talked for a few minutes and I was off to my spot at the stairs. As I walked away, I thought, “How cool is it that he is using a passion of his to make an impact on kids as they come into church?” When they come in, he is just as excited to do something he loves and they leave with a smile. Win, Win!


What would it look like if you took your passion and used it reach lives for Christ? You may be one of those people who think…”I could never do that” or “It just doesn’t match up with God.” You would be surprised how different talents have reached people over the years. Yours is waiting to be used…what are you going to do with it?

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