A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Gotta Sec?



“When is the last time you heard someone say, ‘I have all the time I need?’”


Almost every time I ask someone how he or she is doing, they say, “I am so busy.” (I am the guilty as well) Are we that busy? If so, why? Are we using good time management skills to work out time vs. our time working us?   Do we feel the compulsion to pack so many things into our days that leaves us worn out and frustrated at day’s end? Are we borrowing from one thing and neglecting another because we “just can’t make it work?”


One great lesson I got in “timing” came from watching Casey learn how to play drums. When he started at the age of eight, he was ready to pound away on the skins and make some music. (Disclaimer – if your child wants to learn the drums, invest in great “noise reducing” headphones…. or if not, learn how to sleep through a freight train going through your house…just saying.) Casey wanted to make music and veraciously would hit the practice pads with his drumsticks. His tremendous teacher would stop him and remind him he needed to include “rests” in his music. In fact, without a rest, his hits created noise. The rests translated the rhythms and sound patterns into music. Harmony achieved!


Your life is your symphony…your opus! If you don’t put in strategic rests, you will make a lot of noise, make an impact in a lot of lives, move some mountains and you will flame out like a bottle rocket. You will get so used to going at a break neck pace that you will get used to it. Until one day, something will give – your body, your mind, your spirit, your will…you were not designed to run on pure, high octane.


I recently went to a chiropractor after two months of aggravating shoulder pain. I have an inflamed anterior deltoid muscle and a small shoulder separation. He told me after the examination “We can fix it. We need to fix it. Your body isn’t created to be like this. When damaged, your brain get’s the message that you are in pain. Over time, that message changes to ‘This is the way it is going to be, nothing is being done to change it.’” Although you are still in pain, you actually notice it less because your body accepts it.


It was an eye opening explanation. Physically…and spiritually. If you are running a full schedule at a fast pace, you may miss the signals to slow down. If you avoid those painful things long enough, you can “accept” them as the norm. Until something breaks down…and it does.


Take a moment…take a breath. Listen to what you God is showing you physically, mentally or spiritually. It is time to live a different way!


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