A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Why Communion?



I recently was asked, “What do you enjoy most about a church service?”


It is a great question and has caused me to really ask myself some deep questions. Having pastored for over twenty-five years and accepting Christ in seventh grade, going to church can become very “routine.” I decided to do a couple blogs about things I enjoy most about going to church.


I still get very emotional about communion. I have taken it in many forms – real wine, grape juice, grape drink (bought the wrong stuff), Gatorade, and other liquid forms. I have taken wafers, real bread, matzo bread, saltines, dinner rolls and something that made cardboard packing boxes look appealing. Without going into a deep theological teaching on communion, I have taken the Lord’s Supper many times.


Here is why I love communion:


  • It slows me down. I run at a fast pace and have a lot of things to accomplish each day. It makes me pause out of my day to remember. I need to remember Christ more on a daily basis.


  • It reminds me there was a price to be paid. Sin always has a cost. I am a sinner and somebody had to pay the price for all that I have done. Communion reminds me that Jesus thought enough about me to pay that price.


  • Jesus thought of others, even in His last few hours. If I had a few hours to live, would I ever have thought of the last supper? Jesus did. In doing so, he set the disciples on a course to change the world with a message that has lasted over 2,000 years.


  • The bread reminds of my brokenness. When I remember that Jesus’ body was broken for me, it tells me how broken I am. Put all the shine on the outside and God still knows about the broken inside. The fears, insecurities, and challenges of living on the inside. Yet again, his brokenness allows me to be whole in these areas.


  • Shed Blood. Blood is the essence of life. I can’t even fathom the ability to give up my life for someone else so unselfishly. Humility, serving, and honor – I can’t even come close to the blood given for me to be in relationship with God.


  • Finally, I always say “Thank you for your body. Thank you for your blood.” Gratitude flows in a special way when you receive communion realizing you did nothing to contribute to it accept say, “I will receive.”


Communion takes me out of the upper room to the foot of the cross…how about you?



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