A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Worship



Grace Family Church is just coming off of a “worship weekend.” I am very open about how much I enjoy and use worship in my daily devotions. It is truly one of the ways that I take myself off of my own “throne” and put God on it in my place.


At GFC, the diversity and various styles of music has been a journey for me. Raised in a conservative style of worship, I have grown to embrace all the different genres that will come from our stage. Rock, Black Gospel, Latin, Contemporary Christian and hymns are all found in our play lists. Our worship leaders work very hard at worship. Yet, they work even harder at leading from a heart of humility and authentic worship. It is a tough balance to lead and enter in at the same time.


I know. I sit on the front row and worship while knowing in 15 minutes I am going to be on stage to transition the group to the next part of the service. Two things that have become very personal to me is bowing down on one knee and lifting my hands up.


Let me explain. I can count on one hand how many times I bowed my knee in worship before coming to GFC over 20 years ago. I didn’t like it. I have bony knees – it was “painful.” When I came to GFC, P. Craig would bow his knee often in a service and I just had no desire to do it. One day, I felt the nudge to get on a knee during worship. I refused – “God knows my heart.” Later that day, I was driving and I felt that nudge, “I do know your heart. It was not surrendered during worship. Your actions didn’t match your heart.” The next time I felt that nudge, I bowed. I found a special moment when I bow my knee. I often feel a closeness to God when I am bowed down on a knee during worship. Won’t make that mistake again.


The other part is very small. I lift my hands – many people do. Sometimes I will point with both index finders during worship. Yes, I am saying “God you are number one.” It takes me back to seventh grade or so. I remember being a new Christian and the Pittsburgh Steelers just won the Super Bowl. Sports Illustrated had a picture of Terry Bradshaw facing the fans after the game with both hands raised saying “We’re Number One!” I remember thinking, “I want to always say God is Number One.” I decided that day that I would only make the “Number One” signal for God. (As best as I can remember, I have celebrated a lot of great wins and never signaled “I am number one.”)


I admit that is unique to me when it comes to worship. Totally geared toward my personality and me.   Isn’t that what worship is supposed to be? It’s a personal expression of your love for God either in a corporate or individual environment.


It’s time to take your worship to another level!

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