A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Preacher for the Day


I preached this past weekend.  I was given the topic of Satan’s favorite lies. The series later changed to “Angel of Light” (the final two weeks are going to be awesome!), but my sermon remained centered on Satan’s lies.  It was such a great journey of studying God’s word, applying it to my own life and then crafting a message to share with the congregation.  I cannot preach what I have not applied to your own life.

Here are some of my observations from this recent message:

  • Sermon prep on top of my regular responsibilities is tough.  You can’t just put things on pause to prepare, you have to find time.
  • Some people outside of our staff really do see me as “the guy who stands at the stairs and greet.”
  • You pour so much of yourself into a sermon – How does Pastor Craig do this every week and still engage in so many other aspects of the church?
  • We have such talented people who help with the services – they make the words of a sermon come to life in worship, visuals and tangible expression.
  • No sermon stands alone – it is just one piece of the Weekend Experience – so grateful for all the volunteers at GFC.  Ministry happens beyond the pulpit.
  • I don’t like sitting alone in the green room.  I had to go greet people between services to keep my energy up.
  • I am grateful for the first person (whoever you are) who left their seat to put a post-it note on the cross. You wonder if someone will take the step.
  • I actually have a “habit” when I speak.  While waiting to go on stage, I will “dig my toes in the ground” like I am getting in a batter’s box.  It tells me I am ready.
  • Kristin gives tremendous feedback and encouragement at the same time when I speak. Actually, all the senior staff does this pretty well.  Every sermon at GFC is discussed after the 5pm service.  We continue to improve.
  • Grateful for the kind words.  It means a lot when someone comments on your message.
  • Grateful for the opportunity to speak.  Glad to put my focus back on our staff, church, volunteers, campuses and other responsibilities.  My impact is best seen “when leading from the back of the room.”
  • Final thought…how many weeks I preach my late night Christmas Eve services?

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