A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Put me to Bed…Please!


My grandson, Jax, has a funny ritual when it comes time to go to bed.  He takes a bath, puts on his PJ’s and sits with his Mom or Dad drinking a bottle.  Then, one of them will say, “Jax, it’s time for bed.  Say goodnight to everyone.”  Jax gets up hugs everyone, including the dog.  As soon as hugs are done, he turns to his parents and begins to whine and fuss about going to bed.  On cue, he begins to cry.  He walks up the stairs to his crib, with his blankets and Nemo fussing all the way.  Once in his crib and after his prayers, they shut the door and he cries for about 15 seconds and goes to sleep.

I have now witnessed this phenomenon on countless nights and I have come to conclude that this is my same reaction when I am learning patience. I usually know that I am in the “thick of it” and waiting for an answer in an area of my life. I go through the routine of finding out all that I can about the topic. I talk with people about it and seek wisely counsel. And I am good for a while, content that I did all my “due diligence.” After a while, I get restless and I start to do things in my own strength to make it happen. Like Jax, when he goes to bed, I whine and complain and make a lot of noise in my prayers and time with God. I want him to know that I am not satisfied with how this is going. Then he reminds me that He’s got this and I wrap myself in that comfort and “go to sleep” and rest. This is not a “one night wonder.” It is a daily battle at times.

You get the picture. Waiting on the Lord is not easy. I have waited short time spans and long ones that I wondered “where is God and what in the world is he doing?” Jax is a great picture of what I need to do. He wakes up the next morning. When he does, he doesn’t resent his parents for putting him to bed. He doesn’t continue to whine and fuss. Instead, he wakes up with a new attitude and perspective. It’s a new day! That is what I should do. Instead of rueing the disappointment of an ongoing wait, I should look forward to what God has for me today. Who knows, this could be the day the prayer gets answered!

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