A Day in the Life of a Pastor – My War Chair


About three months before the movie, “War Room,” was released, I began to really spend my devotional time in prayer.  As the movie began to gain in popularity, so many people told me how it renewed their life and their time of prayer.

I was going through my own renewal.  Of the four disciplines that I choose from in my devotional time (read the bible, prayer, worship or solitude,) prayer is usually the one that challenges me the most.  I can come up with all the excuses to not sit down and spend time praying.  During this season, I couldn’t get to to prayer fast enough.  I looked forward to spending time with God, asking for wisdom, insight, peace, a greater sense of his presence and forgiveness.  In honor of the movie, I titled our oversized chair in our family room as the “War Chair.”  It was comfortable, inviting and my time with God was so rich.

It was about this time that Taylor was about a week from giving birth to Reese.  One early morning, she was pretty uncomfortable from her pregnancy.  She came out and slept in the chair before even I got up.  When I saw her there, I actually had the thought, “I wonder if I can wake her up and have her move to another room…she is in my ‘War Chair.'”  I decided not to do that and went our to my car…not the same effect but still good prayer.  I mentioned it to my workout partner, Pastor Dale.  He looked at me with his years of wisdom and experience ands asked, “You really thought about waking up a woman getting ready to give birth to a baby in a week and asking her to move?”  I even told Taylor the story and she laughed about it.

So what did I learn.  My “War Chair” can be anywhere and my prayer times continue to be really good.  Whether you have a room or a favorite chair, take prayer with you wherever you go. (And let sleeping, pregnant people alone.)

My journey continues….

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