A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The Day After Christmas Eve

I am writing.  Yes, I am writing.

I am sitting in a very quiet house on Christmas morning.  I was up early thanks to a dog who didn’t realize that her owner got to bed around 1:30am.  After six amazing Christmas Eve services, seeing people come to know Christ, volunteers and staff take it to a new level of serving and preaching two candlelight services that still takes my breath away – I am sitting quietly and writing for the first time in a long time.  I am tired, my legs are sore and I have a headache.

But I am filled with joy.

I shared last night that it has been a year of ups and downs.  It really has been some amazing highs and challenging lows.  You would think two new grand babies and an engaged daughter would cause me to write everyday.  You would think some of life’s curveballs would cause me to pour out all that God was doing in my heart into my blog.  Seeing lives dramatically affected by death, health challenges and even tremendous blessings would empower me to share.  But, I didn’t.

I am filled with hope.

I spent the last few months taking my writing time and putting into my “get into God’s presence” time.  I purposely would sit in my own “war chair” and talk with God about all that I was seeing in my life and in the lives I intersected with each day.  Some days were amazing – God’s presence was so tangible and rich.  Others were quiet and God allowed me to simmer.  It was such an amazing growth time for me to share my heart with God by just telling what I was observing, feeling and desiring.

I am filled with anticipation.

I am ready for 2016.  I know it will be the best year yet for me, my family, GFC and those who encounter.  Will there still be ups and downs – yes.  But, here is my verse that I started praying in 2015 and will see the fulfillment of in the upcoming year.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”  I Corinthians 2:9

It’s going to be a great year!

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