A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Hardest Assignment: Facing Two Goliaths




The drop of sweat ticked off my nose and dropped forever into the cold water filled with animals waiting to eat me…(dramatic music to complete the effect.)


Actually, I was in elementary school and two bullies picked on my little brother and I and were holding us over a bridge trying to force us to give them money. They were bigger and we were sunk. Ironically, I have been back to that bridge so many times growing up and as an adult. It is about four feet above the water and the river is perfect for inner tubing.


Why the reaction? Why the trepidation? Those two older, teenagers preyed on our weaknesses to try to get some extra money.  It didn’t turn out so good for them.


There are two Goliaths that attack every leader who is trying to give their leadership away to the next generation. They are mean, ugly and they don’t play fair. They prey on our weaknesses. Unfortunately, we all have them and these two can find the smallest crack and blow it up.  But, if we are secure in who we are in Christ, it won’t end so good for them as well.


The first Goliath is Fear. You start giving your leadership to the next leader and these taunts start popping up:

1. They will do it worse or better than you.

2. They will do it wrong or another way.

3.  They will misrepresent you or show you a new way.

4.  You will lose control.

Look at those statements. One or maybe even made your pulse quicken when you read it. You say on the outside “I am good.” Yet, you know beneath the surface that Goliath is “calling you out.”   Let me answer each one:

  1. Your leadership will cover their shortcomings and you will celebrate their wins.
  2. You will help them see their errors and learn when they take new paths.
  3. You will give grace when you are misrepresented.
  4. You will not lose control…you will begin to give it away. You never had it in the first place…control is a mirage.


The second Goliath is Pride. If you want to go toe to toe with a “Big Ugly,” pride is the one that will have you asking these questions:

  1. What about all that I have done in the past?
  2. Will people still see my significance?
  3. Will I still be needed?
  4. What will I do now?

Here are the answers to those questions:

  1. You cannot live in the past and expect others to as well. Those are the foundation for today. Share those experiences as “building blocks” not “balls and chains.”
  2. Your significance will change as the organization changes. Empowering others will actually increase your significance because you are deepening the bench for the organization.
  3. Your involvement is more necessary than ever. Who will take the next generation of leaders forward if you don’t do it? You are the perfect person for the job.
  4. You will have a place. Each group is different. God has a purpose for you that is bigger than your present job. Either He will keep you there or He will move you to the place He needs you next. Trust that God is BIG to do this.

Two very big and challenging giants: fear and pride. Hit them hard and straight on to start seeing victory against them. Next week, I will tell you what it is going to cost you to invest in the next generation of leaders and the benefits that will propel you forward.



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