A Day In the Life of a Pastor – When You Thought I wasn’t Looking



Mary Rita Schilke Korazan wrote one of my favorite children’s poems, “When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking.”  It is an amazing premise.  I find myself doing the same thing.  I watch people and when they do something simple or amazing, I look.  And then, I look a little longer and what I see humbles me.  People who love God and love others in their own way.

Recently, I was walking through the lobby of our Van Dyke Campus before Sunday services. I watched as Dwane Cardenas was blowing off the brick walk way in front of the building. He was three weeks away from ending his job as Van Dyke’s Maintenance Coordinator and becoming our Associate Campus Pastor at the Ybor Campus.

He completed the Next Level Leadership program. He served, volunteered and did what ever he could to help people grow in their relationship with God.  He was sponsored into our Pastors in Training program and he completed all the requirements.  Upon completion, Dwane was celebrated and prayed over along with everyone in his class.  And he went to work in our maintenance department.

For two years, he did like before.  He served, volunteered  and did what he could to help people grow in their relationship with God.  He cleaned, built and worked behind the scenes in a blue shirt.  Not the blue shirt that connects people every week to all the amazing opportunities at GFC.  The blue shirt that is stained with a hard days work.

Have you ever thought God wasn’t looking?  Maybe you have had to wait and be patient. When others went ahead, you wondered if you were overlooked. You’ve wondered if God’s plan would ever come to fruition, if God is looking.  I have been in that place.  When I was twenty two years old and wanting to be in ministry. I wondered if God looked and saw me.

In March, Dwane will step into the role as one of the pastors at GFC.  I am humbled and honored to have him as a fellow pastor.  I am honored to know him as a brother in Christ. I am excited to see him in this new role leading ministry.  A new chapter begins.

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