I knew I was in trouble in the first 15 seconds.

Kristin asked me to watch the video produced for the GFC Beautiful Conference.  The theme was “Found.”  On the video, a group of amazing ladies shared a challenge in their life.  These weren’t simple.  These were tough, gritty challenges that causes you to ask, “Where are you God?”  With courage and grace, each lady shared their scar and how God found them in the journey.  I knew most of the ladies but when it started with my assistant, Tanisha, I could feel the tears welling up.  Each story was compelling – these smart, talented ladies realized they couldn’t do it on their own and allowed God to be part of their journey.  Gutsy video. (If you want to see it, it is on the GFC Beautiful Facebook page under Conference Video.)

Flash forward to the conference itself.  For the second year in a row, I was the cameraman on Camera 2.  (It’s the straight on camera directly in front of the speaker.) I was in the perfect spot to see all that was going on in the services and sessions.  What an amazing two days for the ladies there!  Lisa Harper was an excellent speaker.  Her humor and ability to connect with the crowd was off the chart.  Yet, her ability to bring God’s Word and truth into life application is truly a God-given gift.  She ministered powerfully.  Sharon Tubbs continues to be one of my favorites.  Speaking for the second year – wow, she also has the gift of leading and teaching. The worship was a wonderful, intimate time with God.  All the other aspects were tremendous – the Pew, breakouts, and the couch talk.  We have some very gifted ladies in our church.

Being on the camera brought some challenges.  You can’t react on camera.  At least overtly.  When Lisa shared about going through double menopause, my camera visibly shook because I was so surprised.  And then I said, “Oh God, please tell me that isn’t a possibility.”  The problem with that was that I had head phones on and didn’t hear that I said it out loud.  Well, the ladies around heard me say it and gave me a hard time afterwards.  The biggest challenge was when Taylor in leading a song, shared about her miscarriage last year.  My reading glasses filled up with tears and it took me a while to see again through the viewer.

A lot of great people worked hard to make this year’s conference a tremendous event.  It is always humbling to see the food services, maintenance team and all the men who gave up time to serve.  And our tech and video team.  I am amazed at how much happens behind the scenes to put on live production.  Thank you everyone!


Lives were changed, relationships formed and the lost were found.

What a win!

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