Moving Through the Mundane – Tanisha Taylor

Have you ever had moments when you’re explaining something and at the end of sharing, a big light bulb goes off?  I have. I learned something about myself last week which I am still processing.  In my small group, we are reading Soar by TD Jakes. One of the first conversations we had was to remember what it’s like for you to fly on a plane.  As I began to share my planning experience, it hits me; I start well but I don’t keep the momentum going and when it is time to end, I scramble. Scrambling causes me to finish mediocre. A lot of mistakes are made, and when I look back in hindsight, I see all the things I should have done better. In the past, I could not have figured it out why I scrambled to finish until that moment.
In taking time to reflect on my flight plan, I looked back on many examples where I started strong and didn’t finish the way I would have preferred. I remember the 1st day of school. I purchased all my books, pens, pencils, 1st day of school outfit, had an early morning breakfast, and said a prayer, starting the 1st day a proud student. However, mid-semester life takes over, and the demands of the classes begin to take a toll. Hanging out seems way more appealing causing me to get distracted and make mistakes. I start to tell myself “I’ll complete the assignment tomorrow,” and  “I’ll have the time later,” or I just don’t feel like it and then it’s too late, forcing me to pull all-nighters to stay afloat.
The older I get, the more I realize the need for a greater share of discipline. The mundane – life’s repetitiveness is usually long and time-consuming. It requires continuous checks and tweaks but is vital to finishing well. I am learning it’s a challenge to do the mundane things in life. Keeping a consistent study schedule isn’t exciting, especially if I do not like school. Going to work every day and being present can become a bore if I don’t feel like I am being challenged. Waking up and having time with God every day, is not always appealing even though I know it important. Having to choose to eat healthy vs Pepsi and Buffalo Wings – Buffalo wings all day long!
I was recently reminded of the story of the Prodigal Son. Most of us are intrigued and can relate to the son who asked his father for his inheritance and partied it away. But, what about the son who stayed and was consistent and faithful to his father? Which one was a greater challenge?  How much fortitude did it take for the son to stay with his father and be faithful in his routine of life? Although he may not have lived an exciting life with stories of drunkness, he finished strong.
Where am I now with this new understanding of myself? I am working on tweaking my flight plan and finding the tools to stay engaged in the mundane parts of the flight because scrambling to finish is not exciting anymore. What about you? What does your flight plan in life look like? Where are you getting stuck in achieving your goals? Where are you at your best? What would be the next three steps to improve?  Who knew understanding my flying experience could reveal so much about how I move through life.

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