Observations from the Stairs



If you ever attended the Grace Family Church Van Dyke Campus, you most likely saw me standing at the main staircase in the lobby.  I get a lot of playful jabs about “Stand on this dot,” “These tiles have your footprints,” and “Are you holding up the stairs?”

Honestly, it is a great compliment.  When we opened the sanctuary in 2006, I was very intentional in the last days of construction to find the best place for me to stand.  I wanted a place that gave me easy access to the sanctuary, high visibility for people coming in and the ability to have a pulse of what was happening on campus.  This spot afforded me a great amount of “wins” in each of these areas.

I see a lot.  Which prompts me to write Round Two of Observations from the Stairs:

  • With a strong tint in our foyer glass, many people use the walk up time to check out their hair and appearance.  Looking good folks!
  • I am continuously amazed at our volunteers.  Greeting, shaking hands and just smiling makes a huge difference when coming to church.  Thank you all of our Blue Shirt Teams on all of our campuses – you make an impact.
  • If you wear a tie, you are more than likely a guest.  Thanks for joining us for the day!
  • So many people say “Hi” or “Hello” back when you greet them.  It is interesting when someone doesn’t.  It is like a far away land is calling them and they just stare off  in the distance.
  • Kids love to climb stairs.  I am good with that as long as someone is with them.
  • Yes, you can get sunburned in the lobby if the blinds are up and the sun in your sight line.  I tell people it makes me look like an angel.
  • Two most popular questions – “Where is the bathroom?”  and “Is this the sanctuary?”
  • People are thirsty…many bring drinks with them to service.  I am all for it (since I usually have a bottle of water with me.)  The part that is hard for me to stomach is Diet Coke at 9:15am…wow.
  • Our Preschool ministry is tremendous – I can see parents coming with their kids across the courtyard and those volunteers and staff are always so welcoming and smiling.  Love that!
  • Grateful for Scottie and Sheryl – two regular volunteers who show up and sit in our lobby ready to help those watching from the lobby.  You rock!
  • Love the new configuration of the Buddy Brew Coffee area – more central and efficient.
  • Appreciate the parents who bring their children to the lobby when their child gets noisy or antsy during service.  Please have a free coffee or tea on me…it really makes a difference for those in the sanctuary.
  • It is a staff “secret” that me being that consistent in one spot is actually allows any of them to have a first place to look for me.
  • Yes, I watch the service on the Lobby TV when I do announcements in a service so I know when to come back in.
  • If you stand with me long enough at the stairs, I will ask you to help me greet people arriving for service.
  • I have seen some very talented fathers carrying a diaper bag, the baby in a carrier and smiling the whole way into the lobby…way to go Dads!
  • And finally…when no one is in the lobby…usually before everyone arrives…the area by the stairs is a great place to sing…know your best song and belt it out!


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