My Best

An excerpt from a book I am writing “A Day in the Life of a Pastor” 

– My Best

I was listening to a teaching by Bill Hybels, and he used a phrase that caused me to pause, write down, and ponder. He said the following words:

“When did God do his absolute best for me?”

He proceeded to talk about Jesus being the unblemished, Son of God, a man of flesh, yet without sin. He was the perfect sacrifice. Hybels spoke about the Holy Spirit’s role, God’s perfect gift for man’s ongoing, daily relationship with Him. He even mentioned the perfect destination and that heaven awaits all who have a relationship with God. He ended this segment with a new challenge/statement.

“My best for His glory would be greatly appreciated.”

I have pondered this teaching for a while now, and it has been an amazing journey. I realized pretty quickly that God has perfection in all that He has provided for me. I haven’t achieved perfection in anything that I have given him. I fall short in every gift, talent, thought, words, or actions that I performed. My achievements were never perfect…there was always room for improvement, better results, and attitude. I will never match God in the giving ratio. God = 1, Me = 0.

The statement doesn’t ask for my perfection. It asks for my best. When I read that, I think about all my efforts. I don’t do many things halfway. When I decide to do something, I will make an incredibly strong commitment. Watch me work out at the gym, and my commitment looks like a puddle of sweat around me on the floor. My eating habits line up with a diet that maximizes my health. “My best” does well most of the time, but it doesn’t reach the highest levels possible…it doesn’t reach perfection. It falls short every time. God = 2, Me = 0.

“For His glory” is a tough one to ponder. Do my words, thoughts, and actions bring glory to God? Are there things that in my daily routine that reveal God’s glory to others? Do I give others the time or the listening ear they need to help them see God’s love in me? Do my thoughts always bring reverence to God and exalt his power and character? 

Tough one…not even close. God = 3, Me = 0.

Aren’t you glad God scores it differently?

God = 3, Me = 0 

God =3, Me + Jesus = More than Enough

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