The Day after Thanksgiving 2020

I am tired.

The floor was covered with shoes, toys and books.  The counter had spills, crumbs and empty cups.  The table had on it glasses, markers, paper, stickers, a computer and notepads.  The phone charging area was…oh, you get it.

Thanksgiving was awesome.  With Taylor’s family coming in for five days, our house became a constant motion of play and food.  Add in Casey’s family coming over daily bringing bikes and scooters, we had the full effect of vacation.  With day visits from the Taylors and Abby, the time was complete with stories and catching up.  The backyard was in full effect every day! We even got to home from church in time to enjoy the Lake Magdalene Boat parade.  (Great job on those lights, everyone!). We all went to church and enjoyed Casey and Taylor as part of the front-line leading worship…still humbling to watch.

I love watching my kids and grandkids relate to each other.  As a dad and Pop, it is so fulfilling to see them intersect in their passions, thoughts and personalities.  Some are gregarious and energetic while others are contemplative and reserved.  We had our moments of discipline, bumps, boo boos, naps, art, drawing and quiet times.  We are quite the collection of differences when we get together

At this stage in my life, I find myself praying for my family to be empowered in who God created and called them to be.  We have definitely had our challenges.  However, our faith that God has a purpose is stronger than ever before.  I see each life impacting others.  This is an exciting time to see what is next for each of us.  Each of us are on different paths and have unique circles of influence. 

So much to be thankful for this year!

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