And so we begin…(again)

I am writing this because I have been challenged enough by my wife, family and friends to write…again.  They have heard me talk about “books” that are in me – short stories, quotes, life nuggets and just good, old fashioned wisdom moments that have made me think…again.  I want to impact more than those I see everyday…again.  I want to talk about a loving God, who cares deeply about where you live each day – the joys, struggles, victories and pains…again.  I am not an evangelist, but I am sold out to live for Christ where people have no doubt whom my core is centered upon…again.

So, I am starting another writing project…again.

A Day in the Life of a Pastor…if you ever wondered what a pastor’s life is like, you might want to read it.  If you are looking for a “perfect world,” you might want to look elsewhere.  But if you want to see the the journey of being a husband, dad, grand dad, leader, mentor, pastor and mind blower…read on.  And for some of you, you might begin to see the “hope in the journey”…again.

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