A Day in the Life of a Pastor – A Weekend Off

Today is unusual.

I took this weekend off. I had a few extra PTO days and I know what it is going to take to go through the Christmas season at church. And honestly, I needed it. Ironically, I will miss being there at service tonight. I will find my clock turning around noon – my thoughts will be thinking about the people coming to hear about Christ, the worship experience and the conversations out on the brick pavers. In the end, it confirms what I have believed all along – it is about the people and how they can know grow in their relationship with Christ.

Even though I think about it for a time when I am gone, I can put it aside. I remember that we have a great team of staff and volunteers who are amazing and ministering at a very high level. It excites me that we have developed a congregation who reaches out to the Tampa community. That is another thing that I miss when I am not there…watching people use their gifts and talents to serve others. List an area of ministry and people are there to facilitate someone’s growth in Christ. I volunteered in the parking ministry two months ago and had a blast. Michael, Dave and Charles were tremendous in their ability to be the first smile as people drove in. I also learned that our people are quite friendly when they arrive – smiling and waving right back. (They also have a tendency to drive toward things/people they are waving at…it’s ok, I am an agile traffic person.)

I really can unplug. Learned this lesson the hard way. Once I have initially thought about the weekend, I find plenty of other things that I enjoy doing. I enjoy puttering around the house. Being raised by two parents who believe in a strong work ethic is a tremendous gift. Sitting around the entire weekend just isn’t an option. I am playing a little golf. Just picked up this sport about a year and half ago. Not great at it but I do love the mental challenge of it. Finally, there is a novel that I have been wanting to read that I haven’t been able to crack yet. I read pretty quick so my goal is to keep the tv off and read away. Kristin is away at a conference this weekend so it does help my have some time to myself.

So, I am off to enjoy a weekend of “Me” time. I will enjoy it and be ready for the Christmas/ New Year push. A weekend off is a great thing…watch out for me next weekend…following the great words of Arnold…”I’ll be back.”

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