A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Surgery

I am writing the day after I had inguinal hernia surgery performed on me.  It sounds rather horrific but basically I had a small opening in my abdomen that needed repair.  It wasn’t caused by too much exercise or excessive strain in that area – from what I understand it happens.  If you are wondering why I didn’t include any pictures, it is simple.  I don’t do selfies and me in a hospital gown, cap and booties should never be captured in a picture.

So what can I say about the  experience.  Let me share some random thoughts.

  • God has created an amazing thing in the human body.  Although it is sore and tight from the surgery, it is so cool that it is already beginning to heal.
  • Less than a day ago, 3 rods were inserted into my body.  What is painful today will bring health in the future.
  • It’s amazing how much we use our abdominal muscles to do pretty much everything.
  • I just coughed – used them again.
  • I will not be able to work out for a while – that just stinks.
  • I walked around the house a few times – I am blessed on such a cold day to have a home.
  • I looked at a bunch of pictures on my computer – I am blessed with such an amazing family and tremendous friends.
  • Grateful for the ability to eat, drink  – had to fast before and took a while after – some people need help doing this.
  • All my kids came by to see me and help their mom last night…meant a lot.
  • Coughed again – love them abdominals!

Not a profound entry…but looking back on my observations, I think it was.  The pain from the surgery will subside in the next few days.  My range of actions will be limited for a few days.  What is left are three small scars. But look what I have beside that – a healthy, strong body, ready to do whatever I or the Lord needs me to do. I have a great home.  I have enjoyed some tremendous life experiences.  And the people in my life are huge to me.  Finally, I have abdominals – which will remind me to stay humble.

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