A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Happy Birthday Men!

Today is June 9th – a very special day, indeed! I will wish a happy birthday to three men who have all challenged me to grow. You will see that it is a huge theme in my life – growth. I love stepping forward even when I don’t didn’t think it was possible. So with all due respect to others who share this birthday, these three men have impacted me in their own unique way – and they all were born on this day.

Matt Taylor – Happy Birthday! It is pretty rare that one would meet and become great friends with a brother-in-law before actually meeting his sister. I met Matt in our church youth group in Orlando. I called him “Commander Max” because he went to NASA space camp and was a shuttle commander. He and my brother, Matt, were college roommates and got into some of the craziest predicaments two Christian boys at U of Florida could imagine. (AKA – the water balloon launcher incident, the apartment, the list goes on…) Matt has gone on to become a gifted mechanical engineer but one thing he I love about him is that he is a great dad to his kids. He loves exploring new experiences with his kids – geocaching, skim boarding, shelling, skateboarding, science projects, building contraptions out of household appliances, etc. It inspires the creativity in me. I want to be that adventuresome with my grandkids!

Bill Morris – Happy Birthday! In the number of years that I have known Bill, I have grown in my leadership, my ability to see the positive in most things and see the world through a “different lens.” I really encourage everyone to get a group of people who can sit on their “personal board.” People who can speak into the various areas of your life. Bill is the “Chairman of the Board.” He is one of those people and speaks into my life in the most profound way. His wisdom and insights into people haves transformed me to see the good in people and situations. I still struggle with being critical at times but Bill has shown me the wonder of choosing the good and leaving the bad. I believe so much in his mentorship that he has influenced my entire family with his insights and has been a catalyst in changing our world.

David Bonham – Happy Birthday! I have known this guy from my first breath and he is an amazing dad. I often tell people that if you have met me, you have met my dad. We both talk with our hands, have a thirst for wisdom and common sense, while strategically trying to maximize life’s challenges . So when you spend time with me, you can thank my dad for establishing a strong foundation in all those areas. You can also thank him for having the courage to accept Christ as his Lord and savior. In doing so, he changed the life direction of his entire family consisting of my mom, sister and two brothers. And subsequently, the eighteen grandkids from me and my siblings. That decision solidified our family and put the love of God and each other as the cornerstone. Dad, I am the man I am today because of so many people. But, if you didn’t make that decision so long ago and establish a strong foundation of love, respect, integrity and honor in my life – I can’t even imagine what I would look like today. You continue to speak into my life and cause me to be a better husband and father.  I’m glad you are still here pouring into my life – I love you, Dad.

Three men who share the same birthday. They all continue to make a big mark on my life today. Thank you men!

My parents, David and Susan Bonham

My parents, David and Susan Bonham

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