A Day in the Life of a Pastor – My Life’s Race

Me completing an Olympic Triathlon

Me completing an Olympic Triathlon

Love God, Love People

What defines me…those four words.

I am a simple person.  I have lived for forty-six years and accomplished some pretty cool goals.  I have met some amazing people along the way and call many of them family and friends.  I have travelled to some of the most desolate and some lavish locations of the world.  I have seen tremendous joys and been challenged by some crushing tragedies.  After all that, these four words remain my definition.

My mentor gave me an assignment recently…what do you want you legacy to be?  I went through the question in my head from every angle – With God, my Kristin and family, Grace Family Church, Other relationships, professionally, socially and financially.  I thought of what live long impact looked like to me and what are the characteristics of a lifetime that will have a lasting effect.  If I gave it my very best with the talents, gifts, mind and body God gave me, what could I leave that will last beyond my days on earth.  These four words.

I do dream about so much more – Kristin and I celebrating 50 yrs of marriage in 24 years, my kids becoming grandparents and my grandkids getting married.  I envision the places we will go, the people we will encounter and the opportunities to share the wealth of experiences we have accumulated over the years.  I dream of an empowered” lives that will look at their relationship with me and say, “I am closer to God, my family and others’ because of you.” I dream of living a life of freedom with God and myself so that fear, insecurity and approval of others isn’t dictating my actions – my heart and my mind are at peace.  Those dreams can come true because of those four words.

I realize those four words are life-giving to me.  They give me purpose, direction and peace.  They are vital to establishing how I spend my time, direct my finances, and what I give my heart to today.

I want to shift the lens for a moment…realize, we are all in the same boat.  I talk with people every day about their lives and what they see as important.  I find that it is easier for all of us to not define our inner most value and priority because it allows us the “grace” to stay in the margin of the bullseye and not be all in.  I do it…even with my clear understanding of what is the best path for me to take.  I can get my eyes “off the prize” and put other things in priority.  I can say “I am too tired to keep on target” or “It cost too much.”  I know that feeling. Can I challenge you to take a step? Make the commitment to put yourself under the microscope and find out what you truly believe.

So, the last part of my conversation with my mentor…What is success to me?  I said, “To run and finish life’s race strong and walk in freedom with God and myself.” If I can do that (and I am going to give it my best), then I will have run the race that God has for me with all I have been given and hear him say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

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