A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The Letter


It wasn’t very big – in fact, it was a pocket notebook size piece of paper and it had been folded over once. It sat on my desk for about a year, under my clear desk blotter. I would take it out and read it when I needed a pick me up, an encouraging word or just a smile. The author used few words but shared from their heart a few thoughts about our relationship…it was a life changing message.

“You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone.” 2 cor. 3:2

What’s in your letter today? Everyday, we send a “letter” to those we come in contact with. I wish every day was an “invitation” to experience a life with Christ. Someday, its a “dear john,” a to – do list, a thank you note, an answer to a critic or even a call to action or growth…something to chew on today.

What would you do differently if everyone you came in contact today was given a letter for them to read about your thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, dreams, challenges, frustration and aspirations. Would your letter include pictures, illustrations, anecdotes, quotes, graphs, and comic strips? Would it be bold, italic, different colors, underlined or cross throughed? Would it make them smile, cry, laugh, think creatively, contemplate or even cause them to take a step a growth?

In the end, your life truly is a letter. It’s your actions, thoughts, words and desires – the real question is what will you do with it?

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