A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The Forum turned into the Coliseum


I am not a computer person. Like a lot of things in my life, I know enough to get myself in knee deep and then it’s like jumping into the abyss. I find this extremely true with household projects (electrical, plumbing, wood working, etc.). So, when I had a problem with my blog’s page that I use to write on, I turned to “THE FORUM.”

I am not one to go on computer forums…(I think that would make me a computer person.) I got on the forum page and typed my problem into the search box. Within seconds, I was transported into the forums amass of problem titles, reply boxes, number of responses, dates – it was quite intriguing. I found one with 117 replies to the very phrase I typed into the box. Yes! I opened it up and my excitement screeched to a halt. The first box explained their question – well written. Then it went downhill. The first response had so much technical jargon that I was clicking any phrase in blue and getting lost. I came back to the next response, which was the person with the original question. They were lost too and felt like they were “demeaned” in the process. The coliseum…I mean, the forum erupted with an ongoing dialogue of insults, innuendo, explanation and “high tech finger pointing.” Out of the 117 replies, it got all the way to 43 before it actually got back to solving the problem. It would have been more fun reading if I actually understood the words they were using.

After that experience, I was a little tentative to post my question. I put it out there and went to bed. When I awoke, (I guess people actually are on their computers after 9:15pm), there were four responses. All four were kind, patient and gave me different solutions to the situation. All of them worked and one even gave me a “suggested cleanup” on something I had done on my blog. I thanked them all and my faith in the forum was renewed.

Any life application here? How would you apply it to your life?

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