A Day in the Life of a Pastor – 26 years of Marriage…Still Learning

26 years and we  found Inspiration Point.

26 years and we found Inspiration Point.


I love doing life with my wife, Kristin,  everyday.  She is beautiful, smart, funny and she has this really cool laugh that makes me smile.  We have been married for twenty-six years!  We were both twenty years old when we got married.  Being so young, we have experienced some of the greatest years of our lives together.  You would think that after all that time, I had learned everything…

I get up very early.  When Kristin and I were first married, I worked the PreLoad shift at UPS which started at 4am.  Since then, I have always been an early morning person.  One morning, I was preparing for my day and Kristin came down by the dining room, where I work.  Let me digress by saying that Kristin is not a morning person.  She is a night person in every sense of the word.  The joke usually goes, “If you need ministry before 9pm, call Chris, if you need it after that, call Kristin.”  We make a great team.  Back to the story…Seeing Kristin awake, I am so surprised and excited, I say, “Kristin, I am so glad you are up!   I wanted to tell you about…”  There is a pause there because Kristin has put her hand up like a traffic cop and says in the most stern, yet loving voice, “Chris, where in twenty-six years of marriage, do you think that I want to talk to you at this time of day.”  She turns and goes back to bed.  The next day, my bible time includes this passage, “A loud and cheerful greeting early in the morning will be taken as a curse!” Prov. 27:14 (NLT).  I had to tell Kristin that she was actually being biblically correct.  (I did wait until she got up at her normal time.)

I smile as I am writing all this…it’s what makes married life fun.  Is it time for you to look at your marriage with a smile and be grateful for the good times today?


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