A Day in the Life of a Pastor – My Annual Nugget


I have started a birthday tradition that my family has come to expect.  What started as a simple question, now becomes a journey of pondering, thinking and finally, putting it into words.  Each time someone has a birthday, we have a special meal, their favorite dessert, cards, a couple presents and this one question…

What is your biggest nugget for the year?

I have had some really good ones  in the last few years.

“Live out of control.”  (Live with Him in control)

“Slowing down to the speed of life…live in the moment”

“Learn to ask the right questions.”

“He is BIG.”

This year’s is actually a tough one.  As I turn forty-seven yrs old on September 1st, I have “re-learned” a lesson too many times in this last year.  In fact, a lot of the blogs that I have written recently revolve around this nugget.

“Hug tightly, Hold Loosely.”

I never went through the “invincible” stage where I thought I would live forever and that nothing could hurt me.  Yet, this past year has shown me the importance of celebrating the people in my life even more.  I looked around the table and realized that the greatest gift I could ever receive for my birthday was sitting in those seats (minus my son-in-law, Christopher, who was out-of-town.)  That doesn’t include the rest of my family who live outside of Tampa and my Tampa family who aren’t biological but relationships that I treasure.  People make life so amazing!  Messy at times too!  I want people to know I cherish them and all the flavor they bring to my life.  I choose to hug more and share my gratefulness for all that others do that makes my life complete.

I want to hold loosely…”things.”   I have seen too many people put possessions, achievements and getting ahead as their “purpose.”  My purpose revolves around the people God allows me to intersect with on a daily basis.  Things are good but I have learned how quickly they can come and go.  Too many times, the journey for things has caused me to get off track, frustrated and confused.  “Living out of control” continues to show me that “they are just things.”  And that isn’t always bad things, there have been some amazing blessings this past years.  In hindsight, the greatness of those moments also revolved around having special people to celebrate them with

This past year, I have enjoyed the birth of my first grandson, added more people to our Bonham Family and grown in my relationship with God. I have been inspired by more people than they will ever know. Also, I have lost some special people who I will think about and shed my tears in the quietness of the morning. Life goes on. In one week, I will be forty-seven years old.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the year to come.

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