A Day in the Life of a Pastor – A Full Week

5a--days of the week

Meet with a community leader
Meet with a future pastor
Converse on how to connect a friend to the church
Numerous ministry updates
Converse on “course correction” for ministry
Grow through an employee frustration (Yep, we have them too – even at a church)
Celebrated with the whole staff P. Craig’s return, opening of Waters and Ybor Campus
Sat in Creative meeting for the next two sermon series
Attended a FCA Celebration
Part of Direction Team meeting for the leadership of the church
Update on “grow forward” progress with an individual

These are some of the highlights from last week. As I glanced through my calendar, there are full weeks. The old joke is “What does a minister do during the week?” Again, every minister is different. My week revolves around people and vision. Ministry can take on some different forms. You might wonder – “Where is the preaching? “Where is the bible study (in the week actually, didn’t add it to the list), where is the prayer times…in other words, “Where is all the spiritual stuff?” Great questions?

Ultimately, there is one objective in ministry. Lead people in their growing relationship with Christ. Some are actively going after it and you give them resources to grow in their relationship. Others need direction, support and clear steps to help them understand what the Lord desires for them and how they can attain it. Others are so new, they need foundational teaching that helps them understand who God is and his love for them. Finally, there are those who have no desire for God and you want to reach them.

So back to the question, “What does a minister do during the week?” I am about empowering our staff and volunteers to share the life, changing message with all of those people groups. We want to reach out to all of them and develop opportunities for their lives to intersect with an amazing God that loves them. That takes time, systems, planning, resources and my favorite, people who want to go after the great commission. My role is help find, develop, empower, implement and evaluate all of those principles. We want to continue to be relevant and timely in our approach to meeting people where they are at in their relationships with God.

Busy week. Lives changes. Learned a lot. Continuing to grow. Good week. Let’s do it again!

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