A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Attitude


“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”
Zig Ziglar

I remember the first lesson I ever did on leadership. It was titled “Attitude.” It had this quote at the top of the page. That was almost twenty years ago. And it still stands today as one of my favorite principles about leadership. Many times, it comes down to attitude.

I know…if I was to play a sport with some of the athletes I know, it would be about aptitude. It is a given that people will excel naturally in certain areas in their life. When you compare them to their peers, it will usually come down to attitude. I had a friend who played in the NFL who explained the “Montana Effect” to me. He said, “Look at Joe Montana’s numbers in college. His arm strength, foot speed and skill set was average. But when he got into the NFL, something transformed in him. He got an ‘attitude.’ An attitude that said, ‘Give me the ball in the last two minutes and I will find the way to win.'” Montana is known as a winner because he could drive his team down the field to win in big games.

What is the attitude you are developing? My friend, Bill, tells me that you have a choice in your attitude. In all situations, you can either choose the positive or the negative. Honest, this is tough one. Life is filled with tough challenges and exciting joys. As a minister, you would think it would be easy to be positive about everything. Look at the Bible – there are some wild stories in there! The Bible heroes faced some daunting callings and tasks because they put their faith in the Lord. In the end, I put my faith in God. I have learned that in all things, I can trust Him.

And I think my friend, Bill, is right. I do have a choice when it comes to my attitude. I will choose to be positive…can feel my altitude rising already!

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