A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Don’t Want to Be Right Anymore


As I stood at the front of the tent and prayed with a man, I heard me say some words I had not really articulated before. I said, “I used to focus on doing what was right. It allowed me to ‘be right.’ Now, I focus on slowing down and doing what the Lord wants me to do today.” It was neat what God did with him, but afterwards, I was still pondering over my own words.

Growing up, I was the kid who did a lot of things right. Since I was insecure and seeking other’s approval, there were times I strove to do things with such excellence that people noticed and appreciated it. Looking back, I appreciate my actions and even the heart to serve others. Yet, the drive was not healthy.

When I went through Freedom, I got rid of all that. Since then, my drive changed. I am slowing down and focusing on the day that is before me. I still plan and set upcoming goals, but that is part of a scheduled time. Now, I try to be present each day and give each thing on my calendar the best I have to offer…that day. I am finding that the results are just as good if not better.

Here is another win from this – I don’t get frustrated when things go a different way, even when “I am right.” In letting the Lord be my focus during the day, it allows me to roll those concerns and demands to be right over to Him. Before, I would say, “But I am right in this.” Now, I say, “Lord, help me to understand this and I put my trust in you.” Sounds corny but it works for me.

Do you need to this? Oh, yeah! We all need to allow God to lead and be a part of our daily lives. Believe me…I am right!

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