A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Freedom Encounter

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We wrapped up the 7th GFC Freedom encounter this past weekend. Freedom is a small group based ministry where people “free” of the spiritual things in their lives that hinder them in their growth in God.

When I went through it, I realized that I let fear, insecurity and people pleasing keep me from being all that God wanted me to be. I walked in on the first night and said, “I am one of the pastors here at GFC, if it is going to bother you that I share my challenges, either you or I need to leave the group.” No one left. In fact, that group developed a pretty amazing bond. To this day, if I see any of them, we ask each other, “Are you still free?” The discussions and time of prayer together really crystalized some of the things I was struggling with in my walk. The relationships gave me a group to walk out the victories and stay pointed in the right direction.

The Encounter is the culmination of the ten week program. You spend part of Friday night and all of Saturday morning hearing a brief recap of each teaching and then personal prayer with a leader. Here is the coolest part – the leaders praying with participants are the leaders of the groups or alumni. It is one of the neatest pictures of “the body ministering to the body.” And the results are people walking out free of those burdens and things weighing them down.

I love this ministry for lots of reasons. I especially love the results. If you have been looking to get rid of the baggage in your life, check out the Freedom groups in January. You won’t regret the Freedom you will gain.

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