A Day in the Life of a Pastor – My Problem with Christmas!


I have a problem when it comes to Christmas. For so long, I wanted everything to be “Norman Rockwell moment.” As I have written before, I am a maximizer. Which means I can always find a way to improve on a situation. Which means I would always think we could do something better in our Christmas festivities. Bah Humbug!

I have grown in this area. Recently, GFC did a series called “Overwhelmed.” Sharon Tubbs did an amazing message on Godly expectations. Pastor Craig talked about the need to “lower our expectations” the week before. The truth is that when we allow expectations to dictate our situation we can get into trouble. I am all about growth and taking new ground in your life. Yet, when today’s situation calls for you to be OK with your circumstance, it is best to let those expectations go.

I experienced it this weekend. I love a lot of things about Christmas. One thing I do not like about Christmas is setting/ taking down the decorations. Just doesn’t do much for me. Yet, I can picture setting up the tree with a pullover sweater on, the kids laughing as we decorate the tree, Jax clapping with a big smile on his face, Michael Buble singing carols and hot chocolate smells wafting from the kitchen. Here is reality. I got home from working out and said, “Kristin, I have to be at church in four hours for service. Can we get the decorations done before then? She said, “Let’s do it!” (I love this about Kristin). Out of the attic came the storage tubs and the tree. She did the outside lights and I put together the tree (don’t judge if you like real trees). Once the assembly was done and the tree was decorated, I had to deal with the expectations. No sweater for me, it was workout clothes that were beginning to stink. All my kids were doing their own stuff and Jax was coming in two hours so I needed to get everything done before he arrived. I did notice that all the ornaments his height are non breakable and soft. I didn’t have christmas carols on…I think it was Game Day on ESPN. Of course, no hot chocolate – it isn’t on my low sugar diet. Could we have done it better – you bet. Am I ok with how it turned out…yes I am. The pay off came the next day after Sunday lunch. We all sat and talked and caught up…by the Christmas tree.

What are your expectations for Christmas this year? We may never have a Norman Rockwell Christmas. For me, Christmas will always be about the birth of our savior and who is around the tree, not what is under it.

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