A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Plumbing Prayer



Over the holiday, I was able to enjoy a great challenge – plumbing.  One of our sinks had a drip and it needed to be fixed…by me.  I will be the first to tell you that I am not a “handy man.”  However, I seem to have a “wind and water thing.”  I can hang ceiling fans, replace food disposals (couple of those thanks to kids’ curiosities) and minor plumbing.


I went searching for the hot water cartridge that went with this sink and found out that none of the home improvement stores carried it.  Which led me to Bucks Plumbing at 9am on a foggy morning.  Quick note about Bucks – there is a good chance that if you need plumbing advice or a hard to find part, they have it.  Both times I have been there, they are very knowledgeable and it is kind of cool to see an “old times” plumbing store.  With part in hand and couple questions answered, I was on my way.

Here is my secret to home repair projects.  Prayer.  No joking, I pray before, during and if all goes well, afterward a word of thanks.  I can stand in front of a congregation of 1500 people and not think twice but looking at all the tools, parts and pieces…I quiver.  So, I pray and ask for grace.  Sometimes the repair goes well and I am on with my day.  Other times, I try time and again to make it work.  If it doesn’t, I have a second secret.  His name is Nate.  Nate has done so many projects for Kristin and I over the years.  He is tremendously gifted, a strong Christian, mixes a great sound at church and along with his wife, Laura, has raised three  great young men I have enjoyed getting to know.  When I have reached my end, Nate comes along and fixes the problem with a smile that says, “I got your back.”

A lot like our relationship with God.  We try, we pray and we take it as far as we can.  When we get to the end of our abilities, we call God and ask for his help.  Isn’t that the battle, knowing what we can do and when to turn it over to God?  What is your area that maybe you are sensing that question of “when you and when God?”  Keep growing!


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