A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The Control and Trust Challenge


I started 2015 off right by meeting with one of my mentors. We talked about what we going to do in the new year. We both left with a big, audacious goal in our daily lives.

I said that I would ask myself this question, “Do I control this?” Only two weeks into the new year and that is challenging – I found out that I actually enjoy trying to be in control of most things. In asking the question, I find that there is very little I have control over if I bring God into the equation. In the end, I am finding that I can control one thing…me. My thoughts, feelings, actions and most important the choice to use all three in a positive way. I have been working on this over the years. It is my desire to make choices that positively put me in the place to get the best results. If you wonder if I just became a “yes man” or a “pushover,” not to worry. I know the power of “no” is just as important as “yes.” It is about getting me out-of-the-way for God to lead and guide me through the best year yet.

My mentor said he want to live trusting God each day. When I commented that it takes great faith to do that each day, he said, “I have a different way of looking at it. Faith is about the future and trust is about the present. I have faith that God will direct my future and I want to live each day trusting that God has the very best for me in the present.” It is quite a challenge. To trust God in the moment causes us to recognize that God is in the flat tire, disappointing behaviors, hurtful words and the myriad of other challenges that come our way each day. I usually need a few hours/days to get those moments calibrated in my mind and heart. To live that way is truly a challenge.

Do you have a big challenge for yourself this year? Time to get at it…you can do this!

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