A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Questions from the Stairs


Many people enjoy the fact that I stand at the bottom of the main staircase at Grace Family Church during our weekend services. It is a strategic location; it allows me to see practically all of the things I am monitoring during the service. It also allows my staff and key volunteers where I will be if needed. Finally, it allows me to answer questions from people. I thought I would give you a sampling from this past weekend…

– “Where are the bathrooms?”

– “Have you heard the one about the priest, the doctor and the engineer?”

– “Where do you get tickets for the Daddy Daughter Dance?”

– “Is your wife here today?”

– “Who do we talk to about volunteering in the children’s ministry?”

– “I have a question about tithing…”

– “Did you know there is a hornet’s nest in a garbage can outside?”

– “Will you come pray over and bless our house?”

– “Have you seen Pastor Craig?”

And my favorite that I get more often than you think – “Are you one of the pastors here?” Asked while I am wearing my name tag that says “Chris Bonham, Pastor.” I actually find this funny. Even more funnier when I preach a sermon. Usually, someone will come up and say, “I didn’t know you were a pastor. I thought you were just a really faithful volunteer who liked to greet.”

As you can see, it isn’t my most spiritual role. Yet, I love this time each week. I minister to people by being available. I am accessible and people know where to find me. Are you available? You might say “yes”, but do you strategically put yourself in a place where people can reach you with a question or need? Your answer may challenge you to do something different.

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