A Day in the Life of a Pastor – His Presence




The picture above is a spectacular view of the first hole of a golf course I enjoyed the opportunity to play.  Once you get done with the view,  the golf is another story.  To some this is a place of tranquility and peace.  To me, it is my “laboratory” of finding out what works and what do I need to stop doing.  It is a fun challenge every time I play.

When you hear the phrase “His presence,” I think it is a lot like a golf course.  Those who have been doing it for a long time, know what they have to do to feel the presence of God.  Even at those times when they don’t feel it, like golf, they continue with the fundamentals because they know they will find it again.  Others are growing in their relationship with God.  They are in the “lab.”  Do I experience God more when I read my bible, pray, worship or experience solitude?  Is it when I am outside or inside?  Do I have to be with people or alone?  All good questions and opportunities to find your “Sweet spots.”  Finally, you have the new believer and they just need to learn and understand why you need to experience His presence.  Then, they begin to do the things mentioned above for the first time and get into the game.  Like golf, they could go out and hack it up or they can get some “lessons” by someone more experienced and get some help. GFC’s Foundations class does a great job of this.

Here is the bottom line:  God is present all the time, wherever you are, and no matter the circumstances.  I don’t understand in my finite mind how He can do that, but the bible says in Hebrews 13:5 “I will never, never leave you, nor forsake you.”  His presence is with you always. (Even on the golf course.)

If that is your foundation, you will always have the opportunity to experience His presence.  The choice is yours to pursue and enjoy  it.  And as one of my favorite worship leaders once said, “His Presence Matters!”


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