A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The Old Routine


I am coming off a nine week stretch where I was out-of-town for a couple of days for four of those weeks. To some, that sounds exciting. Seeing new places, staying in a new environment, experiencing new opportunities and meeting new people who I now consider friends. I readily agree – traveling has some exceptional opportunities.

As much as I enjoy all that, I am a person who is balanced by routine. Those who know me well are not shocked by this. (I have stood at the same stairwell at our church for the last nine years.) Where routine is a “rut” to some, to me it is a skeleton that keeps my life and direction pointed in the right way. Here are some routine things I do that may seem insignificant to you but are essential to me.

– Monday – Thursday:

– I spend time with God by reading the Bible, worship, prayer or meditation.
– I work out on Monday and Wednesday. I do cardio on Tuesday. Thursday is rest.
– I say “I Love You” to Kristin every morning – Usually she is asleep when I say it.
– I take the elevator up and stairs down at work.
– I will sit at the end of a table and not on a side.
– I will almost always sit opposite of Pastor Craig, not by his side.
– I will eat some protein before going to bed.
– I will read a chapter before going to bed.

– Friday – Saturday:

– I mow my own lawn and clean my own pool..
– I consider Saturday a work day and will begin thinking of services at noon.
– I will always touch the ceiling in the hallway when leaving the sanctuary.
– I stand at the same stairwell.
– I will talk about life and anything but the church for 15 min. with Pastor Craig
before weekend services.
– We have “Family Lunch” after Sunday services.

Reading through the list, even I will admit – “That’s pretty boring.” Yet, when I travel, this stuff get’s messed up. I enjoy new things. My friend, David, once described himself as a “Finder.” He loved searching and “finding” new things. I am like that as well. I love history and stories of people. Adrenaline junkies are cool but those who have plotted a life of merit by being faithful and consistent in their passion and beliefs are amazing to me. It is mixing the routine and the new that makes life exciting and rich.

If my routine gives me a foundation for embracing the new, then I am going to stick with it. In the end, most of us are going to be remembered for one or two things. (Hopefully, I won’t be remembered for a set of stairs.) I do want to be remembered for loving God and loving people. That’s a routine that never gets old.

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