A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Evidence Unseen



“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
Hebrews 11:1 NKJV

God is doing something.

Have you ever gone through a time where it just makes you scratch your head to what God is doing?  I understand because there are things happening (and not happening) that just make me think, “What is God doing?”

I wonder what God does think when He watches us try to solve and figure out all that encompasses our lives.  Does He chuckle at us, with all of our limitations, while we pray our solutions?  Does He wonder if we forget that He continues to lay out a path that is for our good?  Does He recognize that every challenge and struggle that we turn to Him is a great stride of victory in our relationship?

God is doing something.

The real question that we need to ask is “Can I live with that something?”  Do I have enough in my relationship with God to say,”I trust in you and believe that you have my best in mind when this happens.”  It is easy to say the scripture above – but do I believe it?

Two words jump out to me – “Substance” and “evidence.”

Substance is defined by Merriam-Webster as “ essential nature, a fundamental or characteristic part or quality.”  The very essence of hope is a faith that believes.   If you go to the foundational core of believing in something, you will find a seed of faith.  That is where I find God is challenging me.  In each of these questions, do I have at least a seed of faith to believe that He is leading, directing and ultimately, responsible, to bring the results to pass? Easy to say “yes,” hard to live out sometimes.

Evidence is more to my liking.   Again, it is defined as “the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.”  This is where I live.  Give me the facts, the proof, the indication that what I am hoping for is coming to pass.  Yet, the verse above says that the same seed of faith is the present proof when you can’t see the results.  In other words, the fact that you have faith in God for something reiterates your belief that He is working on your behalf.  (Way to go – you are farther along than you thought!)

If you are believing in faith for something, keep going!  Your faith is moving you closer to God.  And that is always in the right direction.


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