A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The First Step


In Max Lucado’s book, Six Hours One Sunday, he wrote about how “Jesus put down the hammer and left the carpenter shop.” I have been mulling this one in my quiet time for a while.

We hear the famous speeches, see the images of the footprints and celebrate the achievement of the first steps on the moon. When my grandson took his first steps, the video went was uploaded to all of the family within minutes. It was met with a cacophony of exclamations, congratulations and emoticons. The celebrated kickoff of a trip, campaign or expedition is often met with well wishes and the expectancy of a tremendous result.

Jesus didn’t get any of this. Not one speech, captured moment, celebrated movement, recognition or even a card saying “Go get ‘em.” In total obscurity, he moved. Wow! Knowing where his path was going to lead him, that took some guts. He didn’t have a handful of letters to encourage him to keep going. He didn’t have any “likes” on his ministry page. He didn’t get a band, a party or a firework. He didn’t look back – he just took a step…and the world did nothing.

Let me challenge you today…what is causing you to not take that first step? If you feel like you are alone, you are not. There are more that are with you than you will ever know.

At least there is one who does and He is saying…”Take the step.”

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