A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The Folded Flag



In the last few years, I have spent some time with some of the men and women who served in our military.  Without giving their names, they served with our Navy seal teams, the Marines, the Airforce, the Army and the Coast Guard.  These men and women are amazing and humbling.  To see them out of their uniforms and living every day lives fascinates me because they have lived a life I will never know – physically, emotionally and psychologically.  To them all, I say “Thank you.”

You can imagine my honor and humility when one of them walked into our group with a box and said, “This is for the church.  I was hoping you could put it in the room where Military Small group meets.”  I opened the box.  Inside was two sheets of paper and a folded flag.  I told him we could definitely put this up in the church.  When I got to the office later that morning, I opened the box.  One paper described who Master at Arms Second Class, Michael Monsoor is and why there is a camp named after him. (Amazing bravery.)  The second was the certificate that verified that this flag was flown over Camp Monsoor in 2011. (Read the words below – powerful)



There is a phrase on this certificate that has been working through me pretty good.  You see it right there in the middle, boldly proclaiming “This Flag was flown in the face of the enemy…”  That flag was on display for everyone who despised and stood in opposition of it to mock, judge and ridicule.  For those who cherished it, it flew to symbolize the strength, freedom and values that we hold so dear.  It spoke of the courage it takes to maintain those hopes and dreams.  It wasn’t put in the corner of an office to adorn it for looks; it went up to the highest point of a pole and became visible for all humanity in that area to see.  It flew in the face of the enemy…

I have a Savior who I believe in without reservation who was raised on a pole one day.  Everything I wrote about the flag above, could be said of him.  I am not worthy of the countless lives of military people who gave of their life so I could live free in the United States.  I am not worthy of a Savior who sees me in my journey of growth and he gave his life for me.   But He did.  He allowed himself to be displayed and crucified before all who mocked, ridiculed, and judged him.  He flew in the face of his enemies and the ultimate enemy.

And He won.

It never gets old and never can be taken for granted.

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