A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Life Wins




I hadn’t seen Matthew in twenty-two years.

When Kristin and I were first married, her parents began fostering.  Matthew was one of 65 babies they cared for.  He was a handsome, spunky infant who lit up the room. They had him about six months when he was placed with an awesome couple who love the Lord and now they had Matthew.  As our own family grew, we kept up with their family. The last time we were together, my curious Casey at the age of one just stared at Matthew’s dad as he held him.  Then, Casey tried to lick his face like an ice cream cone! Good times.

Last year, at our annual beach vacation, Matthew came over for dinner with his girlfriend, Jessica.  It was great to catch up with all that he had accomplished in his lifetime.  He had some great stories. My favorite was when my in-laws came to watch him run at his high school track meet.  They were cheering for him throughout the race and then came down to congratulate him when it was over.  After they left, his friends were asking Matthew, “Who are those folks?”  With much pride and a straight face, he said, “Those are my grand parents”.

Fast forward to this past week and a lot has happened in a year.  Matthew and Jessica got engaged and I am honored to be officiating the wedding.  They joined us at our family beach vacation for a great afternoon and dinner with the whole family. It was so good to have him and Jessica join us.

So here is a thought…what if his biological mom didn’t have the courage to carry him to delivery?  And then, enough strength to give him up for adoption?   What if my in-laws said, “We are not sure about loving foster babies and having to say goodbye.” What if his adoptive parents never went on the journey of adoption?

Or, what if all that happens?  It’s amazing to see a life lived over the many years and see how each of those decisions play a part in writing his story.

Life Wins!

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