Day in the Life of a Pastor – Camera 2 at the Fearless Conference



“Ok, Camera 2…let’s push in and focus.”

My wife told me that we needed men to volunteer for the GFC Fearless Conference so the ladies could attend and enjoy the conference.  I loved the idea.  Led by Bryan Singleton and Chris Ogboke, this group of men was amazing – smiling, helping and serving.

I signed up and was put on the tech team.  I figured they would put me on some item that was “remote” – stay here, don’t touch and don’t break anything.  To my wonder they put me on Camera 2.  In football, QB 1 means you are the starting quarterback.  At GFC, Camera 2 is the one who is dead center and actively follows the person on stage.  I was taken back at first but then said, “You can do this.”

I was impressed when I read as a young man that former governor of Florida, Bob Graham, would go out and work a job found in Florida.  It became known as “work days.”  He was short order cook, bellhop, social worker, and plumber.  I have tried doing that at GFC.  I have been on the traffic team, been a camera man on stage, the worship team (they were desperate), moderated our live stream service and taught in Clubhouse.  I am tremendously grateful for all who serve at GFC and doing some of those tasks help me understand the importance of those who serve.

I went to my “training” the Tuesday before the Fearless conference.  Glenda, the veteran camera person who mans Camera 2 each weekend, had two pieces of advice.  One was don’t hold the handles tightly and….don’t screw it up.  With that in mind, I took the two-hour run though as my crash course.  I learned to flow with the movement of the stage.  I developed a little confidence in zooming in/out and focusing at the same time.  I also learned that my headset had a one way microphone.  The producers could talk to me, but I couldn’t talk back to them…I think that one was intentional.

Here are a couple of nuggets from manning Camera 2 at the conference:

  • I love our tech team.  They are fun, amazing, awesome and they go out of their way to make you feel part of the team.  I laughed so much and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • It takes a lot of communication to pull of a video service. Even with all the laughs, when it is “Go” time, the job of producing an excellent service requires a lot of people, willing to serve at a high level and not be seen.
  • You can learn a lot when you listen to “The Voice” in your ears and just do what he says without talking back.  (Great principle in our relationship with God)
  • Every motion is big…the smallest twitch shows up on camera.  God sees all we do and he loves us through it.
  • Focus means different things to different people.  Creative people like the in/out effect of focus while “nuts and bolts” people like myself tend to like always in focus.
  • Most important one – Have Fun!  I would do it again in a second…if you aren’t enjoying something you will never bring your best.  Joy flows inside out.

Ironically, I watched our weekend services a lot differently after the conference. I could imagine the voices of the producers coaching and leading our video team.  When something looked out of focus, I was a little more tolerant of what it takes to remedy that. And I smiled…what a team…what a team.

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