Throwing Up


(What image do you use with a title like that…)

I haven’t thrown up in years.

On January 3rd, I awoke at 1:30 am and immediately knew something wasn’t right.  When I stood up, I thought “I am going to throw up.”  Most people know when this is eminent – our instincts kick in and we prepare.  I went out to the kitchen and got water and Gatorade for the recovery after the event.  I got the wet wash cloth to wash my face.  I got the couch ready for me to lounge on and hopefully get back to sleep. (I had a busy day ahead of me.) Finally, I sat down and waited.  About forty-five minutes later, it was over.  One minute of sheer, out of control, sweat producing, head pounding bowing to a porcelain bowl.

When it was over, I used my wash cloth and washed my face.  I brushed my teeth and began sipping my Gatorade/ water concoction.  I slumped on the couch and closed my eyes.  It was over.  Until an hour later, I was doing the same routine one more time.  Even more energetic than before.  It ended a crazy two hours.

What amazing pearl of wisdom can I share with you from that story?

I do not like to be out of control.

As much as I can prepare for the episode and the recovery afterwards, there is a terrible unknown that I cannot control when I feel sick.  Similarly, you and I have a fresh 24 hours set before us.  Think about all the things you truly have control over.  How about your relationship with God – He is the one leading you by his Word and purpose for your life.  He is in control.  Your relationship with spouse, family, loved ones and friends.  They choose to do what you want or what they want for themselves.  They have control. At work, those who lead you, you lead with and who you lead – all follow the same mantra – they choose to align with you or do their own thing.  Like my earlier story, you can go to bed feeling fine and wake up feeling nauseous – things change.  Things we own break, stop working or quit.  God throws a mean curve ball.  When you experience a change in an area, you react and may even lead.  Yet, you do not control.

Here is what you can control…you.

Namely, you thoughts, words and actions.  No one can do that for you.  They can give you ideas, point you in a direction and walk ahead of you.  Yet, you control when you think the first thought, say the first word or take the first step.  You control you and it is a full-time job.  For all the times we feel powerless, we are actually far from it.  We are fully empowered.  Even though I knew I was going to get sick, I could choose my attitude and reaction to it.  I can choose how I communicated it to those I work with and my family.  I can choose to be angry with God that He let it happen or I can try to find the blessing in it.  (Could it be so I could blog about it…hmmm.)

What would your 2018 look like if you chose to grow in your ability to take the reigns of  your thoughts, words, actions?  Everything else will be “out of control,” but you will be in control.


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