Pop’s World

There is a lot of pressure being Pop.; One of the biggest challenges is actually coming up with my “Grandfather Name.” I wanted something different and unique. When I seriously suggested “Slash,” Kristin said, “That is silly. You should pick something more sensible.” (No concerns when she picked Big Momma. She’s pretty petite in stature.) She said, “You should be ‘Pop.’ That is a simple name.” Ironically, both of my grandfathers went by “Pop.” The name stuck.

Pop’s world is the greatest place. Each of my grandkids is a blessing. I have seven with number eight on the way. They are all unique and special. Even I was surprised how each baby brought such amazing joy. They are so different in their talents and personalities.

I never imagined how much fun it is to have children in your life the second time around. It helps that all the diapers and discipline are relegated back to the parents. How fun is that? Very Fun! You get to see all those flare-ups, the challenges, the disobedience, and rebellious moments, all as a bystander. In those moments, I look to the parents to see what they are going to do. It is the most entertaining “tennis match” I have ever seen. I know it sounds like a negative. Irony again – it is just the opposite. Kristin and I spent a lot of time and effort pouring into all of our children. I am so proud of them as parents. They are far from perfect, so were we. They make mistakes, so did we. They accept things they need to confront, so did we. But they are also hitting home runs, they are patient, they are loving, and they are winning.; They are great parents!

I am learning so many new things with my grandchildren. 

  • One of them loves animals and dinosaurs. Since I wasn’t a big fan of either growing up, I have a lot catching up to do with his help. 
  • Another is into gymnastics and everything girlie. She makes me tear up because every time Kristin has to leave to come home, she begins to cry. (I’m not crying. You’re crying. Ok, Pop is crying too.)
  • The next one is the best at fishing in the family.; He’s been known to throw a line in while talking to me and catch a fish without looking at the water. I just watch and learn. 
  • We have one who is definitely going to be the next mayor. She loves to talk, sing and run around the back yard, but watch her; she’ll trick you into doing what she says. 
  • One is our hot chocolate queen. The first time she tried it, she was buzzed for 45 min – running, moving, squirming, and yelling until she hit her wall and was asleep on her dad like a sack of potatoes. 
  • This one is the wild card. She is SOS – Straightforward, Opinionated, and Stealth….yeah, that sums it up. 
  • Lastly, we have one who is built like a brick – he is strong, sturdy, and squirmy. He has no fear much to all of our dismay.

That’s all of them – 7 to 2 years old, and the next one is warming up.

There is also some pain in being a grandparent. I love my kids, but I love these little ones a tick more. Why? Because they come from my children.; I see so much of my kids in in each of their kids. So, when they hurt, it hurts a bit more. A boo-boo needs a little bit more care and kisses. When they go through a challenge, it just seems more challenging. The toughest was the one who was miscarried. I was surprised how deeply it affected me when I heard the news, knowing I would not meet that grandchild. My daughter was hurting, and I was there for her. It was over the next few days that I had to spend time with God dealing with my own loss and sadness over a baby I would never see, hold or watch run. For some reason, the pain level is larger when it comes to my grandkids.

“Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged; parents are the pride of their children.”
Proverbs 17:6 NLT

Kristin and I are blessed. Even with one of the kids in another state, we feel so close to all of them. Pop’s world is a great place!

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