Devotion – Luke 2

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S – “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and with people.”

  Luke 2:52 CSB

O – I love the description of Jesus as he matured from childhood to adulthood.  He grew in applied intellect, physically, in his relationship with God and relationship with people.  Growth in all these areas is challenging.  A few verses earlier it says that he was obedient to his parents.  He was submitted to the authority in his life – God and his parents.  

A – This is such a great template for us today individually and if you are a parent.  If we use these four areas as a measuring stick, it will allow us to gauge areas of growth that we need and already achieved.  Noticing these verses don’t come with ages or timeframes, it is worth noting, it takes a time to develop and grow in all four areas.

R – Lord, help me to grow in wisdom, physically, in relationship with You and people today.