Devotion – Luke 6

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S – “During those days he went out to the mountain to pray and spent all night in prayer to God. 13 When daylight came, he summoned his disciples, and he chose twelve of them, whom he also named apostles…”

Luke 6:12–13 CSB

O – So much in this chapter and I chose this simple verse – Jesus spent time in prayer with God.  At this point in Luke, he is full of the Holy Spirit, a revered teacher and healer and he is on the religious leaders’ radar as “one to watch.”  And, he knows he is God’s son.  Yet, he spent time in prayer.  Not a quick, check-in.  All night he talked with God before making a monumental decision.  

A – Jesus lived a human life.  He knows the weight of big decisions and the need to spend time with God.  I need to embrace those longer times of prayer.  Prayer is a two-way conversation, not a check-in.  I can go to God seeking wisdom, discernment and insight and then, walk in confidence and peace in my decisions.

R – Lord, help me to do this!