Devotion – Luke 14

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S – 11 For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” 

 Luke 14:11 CSB

O – Some keywords jump out of this verse.  “Exalt” is from the Greek word hupsŏō, hoop-sŏ´-o which means to elevate (lit. or fig.):— exalt, lift up. “Humbles” in Greek means “tapĕinŏō,” tap-i-nŏ; to depress; fig. to humiliate (in condition or heart):— abase, bring low, humble (self).   

    Being a Christian is counterintuitive.  Most people want significance.  They want to know to be known and know they make a difference.  To do this, one must distinguish themselves by elevating “above” the crowd.  Jesus gives practical advice by telling where to sit to demonstrate humility.  But in the definition,  I like the paraphrase (in condition or heart).  Humbling one’s heart means thinking less of myself and valuing others more.  It takes the elevation of my heart (myself) and puts me on the same level as everyone else.  It does not think I am not good enough or unworthy.  That is a lie of the enemy.

A – There is a battle in my mind for a healthy approach to life and others.  I must be confident in all the Lord has put in me and the situations that I face each day.  I must be humble to realize that God values everyone and so should I.

R – Lord, help me to do this.