Devotion – Hebrews 3

S – “For Jesus is considered worthy of more glory than Moses, just as the builder has more honor than the house. Now every house is built by someone, but the one who built everything is God. Moses was faithful as a servant in all God’s household, as a testimony to what would be said in the future. But Christ was faithful as a Son over his household. And we are that household if we hold on to our confidence and the hope in which we boast.”

Hebrews 3:3–6 CSB

O – Footnote: Moses was held in very high esteem in Jewish thought. The apocryphal book of Sirach says Moses was “a godly man, who found favor in the sight of all and was believed by God and people . . . He [God] made him equal in glory to the holy ones.”5 The author of Hebrews elevated Jesus as the ultimate mediator—even above Moses, who spoke to God “face to face” (Ex 33:11; see note there). This likely served as an invitation to the reader to not rely on Moses or Judaism but to seek Christ, to whom Moses pointed.

The early church was struggling with Jesus as Messiah and God’s son, while holding on to the traditional model of the OT.  

A – We do this today as well.  The Holy Spirit will guide us in the way we need to go today.  We can learn and use the wisdom of the past. Yet, we should use it as a foundation for the future instead of an anchor to not grow in God’s daily purpose and plan.

R – Lord, help me to do this.