Devotion – I Thessalonians 2

S – For this reason God sends them a strong delusion so that they will believe the lie, 12 so that all will be condemned—those who did not believe the truth but delighted in unrighteousness. 

 2 Thessalonians 2:11–12 CSB

O – Because they rejected the truth in vs. 10, people will turn to a strong delusion.

strong delusionGreek, “the powerful working of error,” answering to the energizing “working of Satan” (2 Th 2:9); the same expression as is applied to the Holy Ghost’s operation in believers: “powerful” or “effectual (energizing) working” (Eph 1:19).

Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

A – They key is to know the Truth and accept His truth.  Also, interesting that the supernatural power. works both ways.  This is because God allows the enemies power to work, even the power of the Holy Spirit is superior.

R – Lord, help me to know and walk in your Truth and power of the Holy Spirit today.